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गौ माता की जय हो ! - गौ मूत्र के लाभ

Benefits of Gomutra : Vaidya Kulamarava Jayakrishna,S.R.F., I.I.C.T., Hyderabad
Gomutra - Basic principles· Rasa - Katu, tiktha, Kashaya· Veerya - Ushna· Guna - Laghu Basic principlesGomutra :Positive:Lekhana, Kushtaghna, Kandughna, Udare hitam - it is good in ascetics. Generally Udara is enlargement of abdomen due to different causes. One of the most common is ascites or accumulation of peritonneal fluid.
Gomutra - Indications· Mukha roga (Diseases of mouth)· Netra roga (Diseases of the eye)· Swasa (Breathlessness)· Vata roga (Diseases due to Vata dosha)· Paandu (Anemia)
· Pleeha (Enlargement of spleen)· Shotha (Edema)· Varchograha (Constipation) ·
Positive effectsVery much useful in Sthoulya or Obsessity because of its Lekhana GunaUsed as one of the main ingredients in Kshara vasthiIt has got digestive (Pachana) effect. Is used in arthrities induced due to indigestion.
Negetive effectsNegetive : PittakarakaGomutra induced urticaria - case reported in Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermotology.The urticaria lesions subsided immediately after discontinuing the intake of Gomutra. The above documented case in a way confirms what our Classical texts have stated.
Gomutra - usesClassical Ayurvedic texts contain innumerable references for the usage of Gomutra :Some examples :· In the shodham of vishadravyas such as vatsanabha, kuchla etc.· As anupana along with other medicines
Role of Gomutra in High Blood pressure
One of the probable modes of action when it reduces blood pressure may be it is acting as a diuretic. The diuretic action can be determined by studying the urine output volume, sodium content in the blood before and after administration of gomutra to the subject.
Gomutra in AnemiaRole of Gomutra in AnemiaAnemia is defined as a pathologic deficiency in the oxygen carrying of the blood's hemoglobin.Hypothesis : Presence of erythropoietin hormone in urine may be one of the reasons why gomutra is useful in anemia.

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